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Automatic Gate &Door Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you supply free quotes? 

       Yes, Gate & Door Automation Gold Coast provide free local quotes and free over the phone                                assistance. Click here to book a quote online.


  • Which areas do you service?

       We service from Tweed Heads to Yatala, basically the entire Gold Coast.


  • What kind of warranty do you offer on your products and services?

        Warranties vary between different manufacturers, when purchasing a new product it is best to check                   warranty details .Most of our products come with 2 years warranty.


  • Do you repair all types of electric gate motors & garage door motors?

       Yes we repair all brands of gate motors and garage door motors. However some electric gate openers &          garage door motors are unable to be repaired, if this is the case, we will provide you with a free quote to            replace your faulty automation system.


  • Do you deal with insurance claims?

       Yes we do, Gate & Door Automation Gold Coast are happy to give you a quote to forward to your                        insurance company with your claim details on it or if you preferred, we can deal with the insurance                      company directly.

  • How often should i have my automatic gate or door serviced?

       For residential sliding/swing gates and garage doors we recommend servicing every 6-12 months, for                industrial or commercial sliding/swing gates and doors every 3-6 months is recommended depending on          its daily usage. Gate & Door Automation provide maintenance contracts for real estate, managed                        complexes, body corporate, gated communities, parking/storage facilities, high rise buildings                               and underground car parks.


  • Will my gate motor stop working when there is a power outage?

       This depends if your motor is equipped with battery back-up which differs with gate motor makes and                models. Centsys gate motors come standard with the battery back-up feature but with many motors this is        only an optional extra, therefore when power goes out the gate will not operate electrically - use manual            override.


  • My gate has stopped working, how do i get in or out of my driveway?

       All gate motors come with a manual release key, for a sliding gate motor the release key will unlock a                release arm or hub usually located on the front of the motor. Once unlocked pull out the arm or turn the            hub to disengage gears and allow your gate to be moved manually. Swing gate motors commonly use a            key release only with no arm or hub to reposition.


  • Can my exisiting gate or garage door be automated?

       In most cases yes, although it may be necessary to replace old wooden posts with new steel concreted              posts and to install specialised brackets for stability and strength where heavier gates or doors are



  • What are saftey beams? (photo-electric beams)

       A safety beam is a small electronic device, one of which is mounted each side of a gate/garge door                    opening, an invisible infrared beam is shot across the opening. When the beam is broken the motor will              not close, if the gate is already closing when the beam is broken, your gate/garage will reopen and stay            open until the beam is unbroken. Photo-electric beams are commonly installed when the automatic closing        function is setup to stop cars, children and pets being hit by a closing gate.


  • Can my automatic gate system close or door automatically?

       Yes, every gate motor and descent garage door motor can be setup to close automatically, changes need        to be made to the control board to activate this function. We recommend having safety beams installed to          all customers with automatic closing setup because if your car is in the path of the gate when it starts to            close there will be no safety circuit to prevent a collision.


  • What is a loop dectector?

       A loop detector is an electronic application that sends a signal to a gate motor/boom gate/door motor to            open when a vehicle drives over cabling which is installed underground. Commonly used in gated                      communities and managed complexes as a free exit for automatic gates. Loop detectors can even be used        as a safety feature to prevent boom gate arms coming down on vehicles. 


  • What is the difference between high volt and low volt motor installations?

       Generally low volt motors have a much higher duty cycle than 240 volt motors meaning they dont get hot          nearly as quickly and can operate many more times without tripping out on thermal overload. Low volt                motors are usually slightly more expensive than mains voltage gate motors, but could save you alot of                money when it comes to running low voltage vs mains voltage power supplying the motor. Low volt power        can be run closer to the surface as  a transformer drops the voltage to a safe 12-24 volts AC. Running low          volt power is a very cost effective and effiecient way of supplying power to your gate system as it doesn't          require the time and manpower or digging machinery to get cabling 500mm underground. 

  • What is the price of a sliding/swing gate motor or garage door motor installation?

       Contact us for a free quote click here.

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