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Garage door automation makes accessing your home as easy as pressing a button, allowing you to open and close the door from the safety of your vehicle, also adding security and giving you peace of mind. Providing the perfect solution for the harsh Australian heat, rainy weather or entering and leaving your home at night.

Our dedicated team can install your garage door motor, tension the internal springs and service your garage door for a quieter and more smooth operation. We also supply and install accessories including extra remote controls, receiver cards, safety beams, keypads, key switches, tracking, door cable, cable guides, hinges and tensioning springs.

The Cobble 80 is a state of the art operator including the QIC learn process - simply press 2 buttons to start set up and the Cobble 80 will self learn the limits of the garage door.  Easy mounting making retro-fit a breeze.  Easy wiring / connection points for photocells, warning light and receiver.  5 year manufacturers warranty. 

Centsys Cobble80 Panel Lift Door Motor

Cobble 80 Panel

Lift Door Motor

The ATA Series 2 Dynamo GDO9v3 Sectional Door Opener now comes with a powerful 1000N motor that will lift any residential sectional and tilt garage door.

Now comes a huge 7 year manufacturer warranty.

ATA GDO9-v3 Dynamo

Panel Lift Motor

Ata GDO9-v3 Panel Lift Motor

The Auto Openers™ Sectional Opener is a product that is Safe, Secure, Reliable & Affordable. The Sectional Opener has been designed for the Australian DIY market, from the DIY supported warranty (2, 3 & 5 years – It’s your choice), to the standard class-leading 1000N motor that can handle any door on the market at an affordable price.

Auto Opener Panel

Lift Door Motor

Auto Opener Panel Lift Door Motor

The EasyRoller GDO-6v3 is designed to be easy to install on your new or existing garage roller door. Our installers can complete the job in about 20 to 40 minutes. Easy to read instructions are supplied with the opener. Follow the instructions carefully and any DIY handy person can complete the installation in a short amount of time.


ATA Roller Door Motor

ATA GDO6v3 – EasyRoller

GARAGE MOTOR installations gold coast

Affordable Garage Door Motor Installations

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