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Quality, Stylish & Affordable Gate & Door Solutions

Gate & Door Automation offer a variety of gate hardware and accessories from control boards to roller guides, gate wheels and door rollers. All of our vehicles are stocked with a variety of accessories and spare parts which allow us to be more efficient and inexpensive when performing a repair or maintenance service. 

Installing a gate stops will prevent sliding gates from running too far and coming off the rail. Each stop is made from steel and comes with a rubber stop and four holes on the base for easy and solid mounting.



  • Short silver 95mm high

  • Medium gold 120mm high

  • Medium silver 135mm high

  • Heavy duty large gold 150mm high

automatic gate stop

Gate Stop

Sliding Gate

Durable nylon coated steel reinforced racking. Can be used for residential and industrial gates. Most sliding gate motors are supplied with nylon racking it helps reduce the noise when operating unlike steel and aluminium racking.


 Other Options

  • Steel Racking

  • Aluminium Racking

Nylon Gear Racking

Automatic gate gear racking

12 volt batteries available in 7ah which are standard batteries used as the battery  back-up in sliding and swing gate motor systems. 12 volt batteries are also available in the larger size of 33ah which are the batteries used in most solar installations for extra power in case of rainy days.


7ah 12v Battery

gate motor battery back-up

The solar panel comes in four sizes being 20 watt, 40 watt, 60 watt and 80 watt. The lager the wattage  output of the solar panel the faster the battery supplying the motor will charge.

electrci gate solar panel

12v Solar Panels

Electric strikes and magnetic gate locks are a popular gate accessory especially at high security properties and gated communities

electric strike, magnetic gate lock

Electric Strike/Lock

We have wheels for all styles of automatic gates including light residential gates to large commercial & industrial gates.

Gate Wheels

Sliding Gate Wheel

Roller guides are fitted to your automatic gate to hold it  in the vertical position and to help guide the gate when its operating.

roller guide for sliding gate

Sliding Gate

Roller Guide

The gate catcher brackets  acts as the closing gate stop and also has outer guides to help the gate close quietly. The gate catcher will also stop the gate from being lifted off the tracks providing extra security.

gate closing bracket

Sliding Gate

End Stop

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